Yucatan Jay

Beautiful Birds of Belize Blog – Post #19

By Jim Gain


  • Scientific Name: Cyanocorax yucatanicus
  • Name in Spanish (Mexico): Chara yucateca
  • Name in Mayan: Cha’eel
  • ABA 4-Letter Bird Code: YUJA
  • Family: Corvidae
  • Order: Passeriformes
Yucatan Jays Image © Jim Gain

About this Species

The Yucatan Jay is a striking bird species found in Northern Belize, Mexico, and parts of Guatemala. This bird is known for its vibrant blue feathers and its impressive vocalizations, which can be heard echoing through the forests of the Yucatan Peninsula. Yucatan Jays typically live in flocks of 4-12 individuals, and they are known to be highly social and intelligent birds.

Yucatan Jay (Immature) Image © Jim Gain

Yucatan Jays are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of insects, seeds, fruits, and small vertebrates. They have also been known to scavenge for food around human settlements, making them one of the few bird species that have successfully adapted to living in close proximity to humans.

Yucatan Jay Image © Jim Gain

During breeding season, Yucatan Jays build large, cup-shaped nests out of sticks, grasses, and other plant materials. Females lay 2-4 eggs, which are incubated by both parents for approximately 18 days.

Yucatan Jay Image © Jim Gain

Yucatan Jays are an important part of the ecosystem in Belize and the surrounding regions. As seed dispersers, they play a crucial role in maintaining the health and diversity of the forests they inhabit. However, habitat loss and fragmentation, as well as hunting and trapping, have threatened Yucatan Jay populations in recent years. Efforts to protect these birds and their habitats are ongoing, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of conserving the natural world around us

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