Bright-rumped Attila

Beautiful Birds of Belize Blog – Post #9

By Jim Gain


  • Scientific Name: Attila spadiceus
  • Name in Spanish (Mexico): Mosquero Atila
  • ABA 4-Letter Bird Code: BRAT*
  • Family: Tyrannidae – Tyrant Flycatchers
  • Order: Paseriformes – Perching Birds
Bright-rumped Attila Image © Jim Gain

About this Bird

The Bright-rumped Attila, is a species of flycatcher found in the Central American region, including Belize. These birds are easily recognizable by their distinct bright yellow bellies and rumps, contrasting sharply against their dark wings and backs.

Bright-rumped Attila Image © Jim Gain

These birds inhabit a variety of forested habitats, including secondary growth forests, forest edges, and scrubland. They are known for their loud, melodious calls, which can often be heard echoing through the forest canopy. Bright-dumped Attilas primarily feed on insects, which they catch on the wing or glean from foliage.

Bright-rumped Attila Image © Jim Gain

The breeding season for Bright-rumped Attilas in Belize normally lasts from June through October. Males woo females with complex courtship rituals that include fluffing up their feathers and bobbing their heads. Females usually construct their tiny nests in the fork of a tree or shrub, using twigs and other plant materials. Two to three eggs form a clutch, which is then nurtured for about two weeks until hatching.

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