Reflections of the Natural World

I was born with the innate desire to explore and photograph the natural world. From my early days of incessantly reading Zim’s Golden Guides; through my Biology degree in college; and from my membership in the Modesto Camera Club, I have spent thousands of hours of exploration and learning. I have also captured hundreds of thousands of images in the photography of nature. My passion lies in the convergence of imagery, nature and wildlife conservation.

Through my lens and prose I hope to instill a greater sense of awe, compassion and inspiration as I discover new creatures, explore interesting habitats, and gain wisdom about the natural world that’s all around us. It is my hope that readers are motivated to learn more about our environment and its inhabitants, and become passionate advocates for conservation.

Jim Gain

My blog posts will generally fall into one of four categories:

  • Curious Questing – Follows an adventure in the pursuit of wildlife, often a “Rare” or “Life” bird chase.
  • Environmental Advocates – Highlights people or groups that have championed the cause of conservation.
  • Nature’s Sanctuaries – Focuses on a specific location’s habitat and the species that thrive there.
  • Species Spotlight – Explores the natural history of a specific species which may include local anecdotes and observations.

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